About Us

We are a cloud-based HRMS provider for the organizations who value their time and resources.

The ideation of Resource Inn came in 2015 when we found ourselves managing multiple excel spreadsheets for managing the data. Excel makes you create a separate customized worksheet even if you have to create charts from the same data. Whether you are a startup or an established entity, we can provide customized solutions that fit well with your HR operations.

Resource Inn have innovated the employee management providing you the feature for managing data at one place and create dashboards with it. Our software works just as your team member, it replaces your operational team with the automated standby data management that saves your time and costs.

Resource Inn has specifically replaced these costs with our easy to use and responsive cloud-based application that works with your requirement. Our technical team works closely with the clients to customize the system with our premium and technical support, as you required and KPIs your organization is looking to implement.



To provide our clients all in one HRMS where excellence matters for people and they can have both the Solution and Quality at one place. We are committed to creating a connection between your business and the excellence we deliver so you can manage your operations effectively



To set the highest benchmark for Quality Services in the market and achieves full satisfaction of our clients worldwide


Our Commitment

Our commitment of providing HRMS to bring an effective solution to our clients is a promise that we aim to deliver every time with the help of client’s satisfaction and timely feedback we receive. As we have prioritized the Quality to be one of our business principles we tend to develop this by continuous monitoring and delivering above the expectations