Book a Demo with Trial

Please book a detailed Demo session with one of our engineer followed by Trial for a complete overview of the product features and how it will cater for your requirements.

How It Works

We let our clients get through the below funnel for onboarding and successful integration of their HR automation.


Start Trial

Our trial service lets you use the product and get more understanding of the product that has the premium features available under one roof.



You make the payment for implementation and initial consultation to automate your system.



We provide complete information after discussing your project and discuss the execution of the project with you. This stage requires a lot of conversation where we set rules, create processes, create policies and give you the outline for how it is going to work.



We initiate the project with digitalizing your information and help you eliminate all the hard copy records and switch to paperless environment. Our implementation will happen in phases where you will be notified after each phase to confirm your understanding and ensure the project is going in the right direction.


Go Live

Once the project is implemented, it goes in test run and we will be testing each core modules such as Time Off, Recruiting and payroll to name a few, once you are satisfied with the performance of the application then we will make it live and bring you to freedom where everything is managed at one place.