Employee Transfers

Generate transfer requests through ResourceInn, this is in line to the vacancy created on the system. Fill the roles by transferring the employees to a different location where employee services are required. ResourceInn employee profiling help in filling the skills gap by identifying the competencies of employees and matching it with the job required. The transfer request will reach out to the new supervisor that can manage to bring the existing employee on board in their team.

  • Generate and approve transfer requests
  • Set new rules as per transfers
  • Update of hierarchy as per transfer
  • Update in records for transfers
roster demo

“Beat the workload and delay”

Automated Transfers

Handle all the transfers through the system, generate transfers that appears in the portal of approving authorities, transfer employees to other team, branch or function with our employee transfer module. Filling the skills gap within the organization to meet the working requirements requires an effort. Forget the paper work for transfers and delays, process transfers in a quickest way with ResourceInn.