Off Boarding

Employee exits could be time taking, it requires adjustment for every step and finances employees owed to the company and vice versa. It helps to take the employee off the attendance system, deactivating their access to biometric and the systems access. Calculating the correct salary for the days worked in the leaving month, provident fund, leave encashment and process of gratuity can be set up from this module. ResourceInn assist you in the employee exit process and close the employee file within few clicks.

  • Process employee exits
  • Calculate payments owed
eoe demo

“Maintain the good working relationship”


Make your exits easy with our EOE Services module. ResourceInn process employee payments, securities, tax certificates and provident funds through this module. Employers can also record the feedback of leavers to understand their concerns and improve the organizational culture.



Create the custom checklist as per employee terms for the benefits processing and closing of file. Checklist would help in retrieving assets from employees given to them on their joining. Employers can also list reference letters to make employee exits comfortable.