Loan & Advances

Loan management is a huge activity to manage where employees are often in need of a loan, both finance and payroll function comes into action when it comes to managing the loans. ResourceInn maintains the loans through the system keeping the minimum involvement of your teams, which ultimately results in cost savings.

  • Loan applications
  • Synchronization with payroll for deduction
  • Update account receivables
loans demo

“Make employee welfare a standard”

Easy Management

Manage your employee loans through our loan’s module. Fix a budget and loan cap as per employee grades and set limitations for the period of time. ResourceInn helps you entertain your employees in their need that creates a good and long-term working relationship with employees. Set approvals and delegates to review the requests and also check the budget utilization.


Payroll Integration

Our Lending Management feature integrates with payroll to collect installments of the loan amount from the employees. It helps in updating loan records through automation.