Our complete payroll solution helps you disburse the correct amount of salary and applies any agreed deductions. The flexipay let you compile accurate attendance and timecard to calculate costs and eliminate anomalies by saving your time. Customizing pay rates, Payroll exports and controlling costs through analysis are the features of this module.

  • Track salaries
  • Salaries as per employee conditions
  • Accuracy of payment as per attendance
payroll demo

Salary Slips

Our Payroll Management module gives employee the access to their individual salary slips. HR can also have access to company salary slips. Salary slips can be exported to employees for their records and official use.


“Save 66% costs of payroll handling with Automation”


Set the limitations for the salaries and deductions. Payroll processes the vouchers and incentives with the wages to ensure payroll management runs on automation. Calculate employee benefits such as travelling, transport and accommodation allowances with payroll management.



Set up and calculate employee income taxes with payroll management. ResourceInn lets you calculate all direct taxes from the application. Employees can download their tax statements for filing their tax returns.


Synchronize with Attendance and Leaves

Our payroll module integrates with attendance and leave management that eliminates your manual attendance register. Our most accurate payroll calculations let you manage employee salaries and overtime.