Reporting & Analytics

ResourceInn saves you time and huge costs for Business Intelligence (BI) team and software you intend to buy for reporting. Our reporting module helps you manage the data on one sheet and lets you create analytics for further actions and creation of proposals for the improvements in the business.

  • Export data in external apps
  • Create BI reports
  • Set your own rules
  • Set timely deliveries of automated reports
reportings demo

“All in one access to Analytics”

Personalized Data

Today’s world drives on the data, a typical worker spends 2 hours day looking for information. Save costs and hours spent on searching for data. ResourceInn makes your data appear in one dashboard where you can customize information to analyze the numbers and take actions accordingly.


Reports and Sharing

Customize reports your way, ResourceInn lets you create reports with the indicators you are tracking to improve your operations. Check the costing heads and analyze where the most of the resources are spent to control over spending in the business. Export and share the reports for presentations and sharing data for internal communication.


Powerful Insights and Compliance

Set the compliance by analyzing the data and change the course of tracking. ResourceInn lets you create employee and shift reports to help Human Resources managing their talent effectively. Compliance indicators could be set by customizing the dashboards and reports.