Employee Scheduling

Scheduling can be time-consuming that requires constant update and changes. There could be factors like the size of a team, multiple shifts and days. At the same time, you need to make changes in schedule to create a backup and ensure the payroll is not affected. ResourceInn provides you visuals to plan your roster ahead. Our team creates rules that work when a certain condition applies.

  • Create individual employee roster
  • Employee access to their roster
  • Access to team roster for Managers
  • Add built-in rest days and vacations
roster demo

“Stay Organized”


Multiple locations? No problem, ResourceInn manages your roster for multiple sites and branches. Multiple shifts in 24 hours span with real-time attendance. This automation not only eliminates the paper work but also save you 80% of the labor cost to manage the rosters.


Custom Roster

Create and manage custom rosters as per the work requirements. Employees with certain responsibilities required to support operations in different days and at certain times. Employee with self-service access can maintain their own rosters and perform duties as required.

custom roster

Request Time Off

Add the time off policy that integrates with your payroll and save time and resources not only on roster management but payroll handling ultimately resulting in 94% of the work done with automation.